Biscuits, Cake Pops and Cupcakes

Below are some of our custom designed biscuits, cake pops and cupcake designs.  Please contact us at for your free quote.



Nautical Theme 1

Nautical Theme 2

80′s theme Gingerbread biscuits

Heart & Sprinkle biscuits

Pink & White Minnie Mouse biscuits

Frozen themed biscuits

Minnie Mouse biscuits with initials

Ice cream cone personalised biscuit

Aeroplane personalised biscuit

Sweet Designs Aeroplane personalised biscuits

Communion Cross with Dove biscuit

Giggle & Hoot biscuit

Elmo (Sesame Street) biscuits

Cookie Monster biscuits

Big Bird (Sesame Street) biscuits

Sesame Street biscuits for Christening

Letter ‘C’ Sesame Street biscuits

Giggle & Hoot gingerbread biscuits

Button (Giggle) pink biscuits

Monkey with dummy biscuits

Heart with edible glitter biscuit

3 tier wedding cake style biscuit

Personalised SD logo biscuit

Horse & Horseshoe Biscuit





Blue and yellow polka dot cross biscuits

Blue quilted cross biscuits

White with pink flower Cross biscuits

Blue Cross and name biscuits

Easter rabbit and egg biscuits

Pooh bear face biscuits for Christening

Piglet face biscuit for Christening

Peace sign biscuit for 70′s theme party

Hot pink cupcake biscuits with edible glitter

Butterfly green & blue biscuits

Simple shortbread bunny biscuits

Light pink cupcake biscuits

Baby Shower biscuits – 3 different baby faces


Our trademark Gingerbread biscuits


Personalised wedding cake biscuit bonbonniere

Baby bottle thank you biscuits


Cake Pops

Sprinkle Cake Pops

Yellow/Green Cake Pops

Red Sprinkle Cake Pops

100′s & 1000′s Pops

Frozen blue & white cake pops

Colourful cake pops for Christening

Pink & purple theme cake pops

White cake pops with flower

Cross & Dove cake pops for Holy Communion

Cross & Dove cake pops individually wrapped for Holy Communion

Orange cake pops for Christening bonbonniere

Rainbow cake pops for Christening bonbonniere


Individually wrapped cake pops

Yellow sprinkle cake pops

Burst of orange cake pops

Pink & White Cake Pops



Race car, bear and butterfly

Nautical theme cupcakes

Pink & yellow butterfly cupcakes

Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Fairy themed cupcakes

Pink bear themed cupcakes

Blue bear themed cupcakes

Handmade cupcake on a cupcake


Pink & white butterfly cupcakes

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